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Love and light my friends. I would like to start this off by thanking you for standing with your hearts open to the light of love. This world we are so blessed to experience love in is in a state of turmoil. Light prevails darkness. This is known for we are the flickers of light in a deep dark ocean of the poor in spirit. If we must suffer and sacrifice with a selfless pure love lets not do it alone. Unity of light will cast out darkness as a whole for it only would take light to light up a room. We must heal Gaia with the light of love day by day, hand in hand together as one. For you are not defined by your memories but by your actions. You are what you do . You are love at the purest form of the divine. The golden age is upon us. Look within yourself to find your authentic self of love.

Lets set our hopes of a new generation that must rise up to challenge the fabric of things. That can accurately say things could be better. Its about making a decision so deeply in the life you live and the sphere of influence you step into. That your going to conduct yourself a certain way....

You can be loving all the time. This is your choice, you may not have a reason to love but you can love because love makes you happy. Love in action only produces happiness. Love will give you inner peace. It will change your prospective of everything.

For thousands of years we been looking for happiness. But what i come to understand you can see everything with eyes of love. You can be aware that there is love all around you in everything. By living this way there is no more fog. Its the future of humanity. Its in our hands .

Let me tell you why you are here. You are here to be sought. You are here to be light. You are here to be the purest form of love. This can be your generation! This is your opportunity!

I believe to bare this light and love, selflessness is required to the fullest extent. Selflessness is not for self indulgence. Not for opportunistic ways. Not for getting a grade. Not for power but only of service.

Motive of such light is “I am doing what I do for the benefit of other people and the benefit for all things in the highest degree of love.”

We are here to learn how to raise our vibration of true love within our spirit (soul) so we can communicate and ascend into a higher dimension... Its a process we all allowed and knew we would have to go through to get back ...We wanted to experience love through psychical touch

Our identity is mixed with the dream of the planet 🌎

We are the lights and together we are strong 💪 its time to connect and show the world its ok to be loving again and to leave this world a better place for the children of the next generation.

I love you all.

Thank you.

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