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There’s No Distance in Distant Reiki

What is Distant Reiki ?

Reiki is an energy healing technique. Within the Reiki system, Distance Reiki is a powerful technique that allows you to send and receive Reiki beyond the constraints of space and time. This technique allows practitioners to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical contact.

How does Distant Reiki work?

That’s a big question we get a lot...

One of the ways that I describe it to people that might make it a little bit more tangible is if we think about Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi is energy. It’s out there; it’s all around us, really. I think if we could see it be quite a bit alarming to us, but so Wi-Fi is really waves of energy that are around us that we cannot see and if we didn’t know what was there, we would not be able to recognize it, it’s invisible. However, we have so much opportunity to engage with someone else or get information, all the possibilities that being connected present us through this technology. So, these invisible waves are there. And if I have an intention to connect to these waves, there is someone else out there who has the intention of connecting to the waves. So, let’s say they’re going to send information out, and that information is what I’m interested in. So, we really do this every time we might google something on the Internet. We’re intending to ask a question to receive an answer and then the answers out there.
So, if we intend to connect and the other person or party is on the other side and they’re intending to connect, we can use this invisible field of energy in order to connect. And so it takes intension on both sides and energy. That’s really what we’re doing in distance Reiki. I am intending to connect with my client and they are intending to connect with me and in that space, we do have a common goal, and that is to offer the highest frequencies of Reiki energy for their highest good. And so we’re in agreement about that. And when we have intention to connect or a common goal, that’s all it is. That’s all it really takes, because it is energy, Reiki is energy, it isn’t bound by time or space.