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TikTok Video Reading

TikTok Video Reading


Do you ever feel like there is something trying to communicate with you?

Are you getting signs and messages from the universe but just don’t understand exactly what they are trying to say?

Are you open to receiving a message from a higher power ?


Book your TikTok animation reading today for just $99.99


2-3 minute reading posted to our TikTok/ social media pages.

1 question (Optional) The answer or related perspective will be shared within the video. You may ask more than one question but not all may be answered. 

Video Includes unique artwork with animation of the strongest being coming through to speak to you or a message from your higher self animated from the photo you provide us with. We never know what message is going to come through, but we do know it will be exactly what you need to hear at this time.

Email us your question and a photo of yourself if you would like to be animated into the video. (Photo and question are Optional.) 

Also please provide your TikTok screen name to be tagged in the video. (Also optional.)

Please allow 1-10 business days to get your reading unless otherwise instructed to receive your reading. Readings do book quickly so the sooner you book the fastest you will receive.

Thank you for allowing us to help you connect.

We appreciate you.

About your physic reader Gregory Jones:

Gregory, unquestionably one of the best cosmic mediums in the world. He has been gifted with the ability to effectively communicate with spirit through his creative expression of atomic writing and clairvoyant visual ability that he downloads while making creative art work. Ever since Greg could remember he has had this gift. 

He believes there is more than what meets the eye in this existence we call life because he experience it daily on a soul level. It’s a journey of not only living life according to our goals and dreams, but understanding our soul’s divine reason and purpose for being here.

He feels so deeply what most don’t in everyday life. Greg is a clairvoyant spiritual manifesting life coach and he is an empath.

Founder of A company that helps connect good people that want to better the world. A platform to speak truth. Specializing in video editing and digital imagery to support everything that is good for this world.

Gregory also is the creator of a new series called “Unlocking heaven”. A series of episodes on topics of oneness, achieving world peace, metaphysics, science, extraterrestrial beings, energy, secrets of the universe, psychic powers, and much more.

Gregory runs various online spiritual groups like the 11:11 Movement and Universal warriors of light to mention a few.

He started with the help of many friends that became family. This family will continue to grow in the direction of bettering the world as a whole by helping raise the collective consciousness of whoever looks upon its vision of love, truth and hope. He will grow infused lights into a inspiration for the new world and for his children.

Greg is here to collaborate with likeminded souls on a level that serves others but also sparks places in the soul, body, and mind that shifts them into higher vibrations.

The biggest thing about learning is sharing what You have learned . You can learn something and think you understand it, but another person could of learned the same thing and had a completely different understanding.

Lets learn how to listen and collectively agree on truth together as one.

Self empowerment, Inspiration, Love, truth and hope for a better tomorrow.

What can Gregory give to the collective with a personalized reading video for you?

Information, love, guidance, inspiration, a listening ear to spirit with a feed back of brutal truth that will always be honest.

Thank you!